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Kalaapee Handicrafts

OUR VISION : Bringing the art and the artisans of Rajasthan on the world platform. ( साथीहाथबढ़ाना…….! )

About Us

Rajasthan is a kaleidoscope of Art and craft with a long history behind it. Exquisite marble and stone carving, intricate jewelries, miniature paintings or wood craft all show the artistic genius of it’s crafts men. Art and Crafts of Rajasthan were dormant for some time as Industrialization took over. However, the government of Rajasthan is fast tracking the revival of the various art forms and interestingly enough it is gaining momentum every year. On these lines, Kalaapee is a small endeavour from our side with a big vision of getting the art and artisans “The Pride of Our Rajasthan” on the world platform by holding their hand and walking with them with the main motto of encouraging and recognising the artisans and their art work. Kalaapee is a step towards the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister of “Aatmanirbhar Bharat” and being “Vocal4local”.

Insights of Kalaapee

Explore us a little more....

The name Kalaapee Handicrafts is inspired by the Hindi word कलापी which means a ‘Peacock’ – which is the pride of our state, Rajasthan and also National Bird of India. The idea of this platform was conceived by Mr Yogesh Naruka, later joined by Mrs Anju Jaswal. It is a start-up venture with immense fervour, passion and zeal to make a difference in the handicraft industry by projecting and extending the outreach of the art and culture of the historic state of Rajasthan across all geographical frontiers extending at the global level. We believe in high standards of quality control. Selection of artisans and the art work to be included in Kalaapee is undertaken by keeping in mind the high standards of quality, aesthetic designs and splendid finishing.

Meet our team

Work with us! To recreate the magic of Rajasthani Handicraft globally.

Yogesh Singh Naruka


Anju Jaswal


Our Objectives

The things that make us special

To work towards steady growth of handicraft trade and industry. ​

To popularize and promote local handicraft of Rajasthan across the world.​

To encourage and recognize the artisans of Rajasthan globally.

To provide a platform for the artisans to get their legitimate due of their art .

To generate employment.